The heart of Clovis Rotary is our members, dedicated people who share a passion for community service and friendship.

Officers and Directors

Nelson Sebra – President

Kurt Sieve – President Elect.

Leticia Ramirez – Corresponding Sec’y

Alana Gabrielson – Treasurer

 Katie Olsen – Recording Sec’y

Danny Armenta – Director

Jeri Carmicheal – Director

Mike Guido – Director

Watana Heang – Director

 Rich Manfredo – Director

Yvonne Mattrocce Director

Bill Mayhugh – Director

Chuck Miller – Director

Mary Molloy – Director

Paul Nibur – Director

Kevin Peters – Director

Tom Wright – Director

Amy Cross – Immediate Past President

Polly Brooks – Sgt-at-Arms

Tyler Fremming – Audio / Visual

Becky Moser – District Governor 2022-23

Ken Church – Active Member with the most years of consecutive service. Member since May 5, 1972

Active Members

Rufino Alday

Bob Althoff

Tiffany Apodaca

Danny Armenta

Thomas Behkdoud

Bruce Berger

Bob Bergstrom

Katie Bewarder

Meggin Boranian

Polly Brooks

Mark Cannon

Jeri Carmicheal

Ken Church

Linda Coleman

Amy Cross

Daniel Daccarett

Alan Dorfmeier

Jane Faulks

Tyler Flemming

Jose Flores

Alana Gabrielson

Mike Guido

Watana Heang

Ivana Heang

Dave Hembree

Cassandra Hepburn

Giovanni Heredia

Terry Kershaw

Kailah Kim

Paul Klepac

Gina Lawson

Ray Lopez

Rich Manfredo

Gracelyn Martinez

Yvonne Mattrocce

Bill Mayhugh

Chuck Miller

Mary Molloy

Becky Moser

Paul Mosso

Jana Mowrer

Paul Nibur

Eric Niemann

Eddie Ocampo

Katie Olsen

Kevin Peters

Lettie Ramirez

Pat Ricchiutti

Lorenzo Rios

Tom Ryan

Nelson Sebra

Kurt Sieve

Ross Simonet

Debbie Singh

Ken Steitz

David Stone

Sam Tarabay

Teresa Taylor

Tom Valentino

Brad Warner

Gary Warner

Bud West

Sean Wheelock

Gina Woodworth

Tom Wright

Klare Yavasile

Honorary Members

Judy Bekhdoud

Roger Oraze

Kimberly Peters

Jesse Ruelas

Ray Solorio

Tommy Warner

Honorary Member Status is for a member who wishes to maintain a relationship with the Club, attends and participates in Club meetings and functions, but can no longer commit to the requirements of an Active Member.

Non-Rotarian individuals may be recognized with an Honorary Membership through their meritorious service to the Club or by their ongoing participation in an event or project of the Club.

Friends of Clovis Rotary

Jennifer Boman

Gina Dean

Cathy Dodd

Stephanie Frazier

Debbie Fremming

Erin Garcia

Terry Gomez

Walt Harris

Araceli Lopez

Lisa Martucci

Sarah Santini

Lisa Martucci

Stanley Simonian

Frank Small

Friends of Rotary Status is for persons supporting the activities and philosophies of Rotary.  These include active volunteers, Interact/Rotaract school advisors, BS/GS advisors and others that have earned this acknowledgement by serving the club.  Friends of Rotary membership is granted only in special circumstances which will be reviewed annually and approved by the Board of Directors.